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Nirman Schedule is a web based construction Management Software built to connect construction fields and teams. It is designed to target government and non government construction companies. Our software development experience over the past 6 years and the efforts of a civil engineer to build this software has made it possible. Different companies are facing the problems such as daily turnover in project field, daily work report, details of materials used, details of employee work, details of employee attendance, progress report etc. can be easily managed, printing progress reports can be easily done and all reports can be kept safe using this software. Nirman Schedule is very easy to use and useful for everyone. It also makes it easy for companies to monitor the work being done in the field from the office and also to change the strategy according to the progressive report from the office.

One Platform to Manage Construction Project

Easy To Track Manpower

Effectively and Efficiently manage, plan and track the activities of your employee work, including the labour requirement, labour schedules.

Manage Project Effectively

Assist and connect with project teams to make better decisions. System helps you with project team collaboration, open communication and real time reporting.

Simple and Effective Reports

Simple to understand, show every detail of real time reports directly in the system. Monitor and communicate the project, scope, time, budget and progress to anyone who needs to know.

Get Daily Updates From The Sites

Get the proper system to track the activities of the field to build a better and faster project. Capture and manage field data, photos and videos and Share information to increase productivity.

Track All Expenses In Site

Easily track each step of your financial process and manage all the expenses in the field. Nirman Sewa System will eliminate excess cost calculating all the expenses in the project.


Take control of your construction projects.

Secured, fast and can easily access the entire project. Nirman Sewa system helps project managers and entire teams to work effectively and efficiently.

Use of mobile apps for construction helps project managers to easily sync and organise the operational activities.

Project Management connects with your team and project information so that you can easily make better decisions. Our software project management features help you with project team collaboration, open communication and real time reporting.
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