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Nirman Schedule System helps project productivity.

Nirman Schedule, construction management software is built to solve problems and manage companies daily work such as daily turnover in project field, daily work report, details of material used, details of employee work, details of employee attendance, progress reports etc.

Bringing together the expertise and knowledge, Nirman Schedule came up with new and unique products to solve the construction inefficiency to carry out daily processes .

Our mission is to be the nepal’s most trusted field management solution for construction team on projects of any scale.

Core Values

Make Productive and Save time by system of technology

Trust: We believe in trust to build the best services and products to our customers.

Product: Our system is cutting edge, forward thinking and helps our customers to solve real time problems, delivering real time results.

Customers: Nirman Schedule customers are our top priority. We are partners in their success. So we believe in winning together.

Towards perfection.
Progress day by day.
The best customer experience, period. Fix problems and say yes.
Progress towards perfection.
Why Nirman Schedule Sytem For Your Construction project
  • To manage multiple project progress and manpower, equipment and cob contractors of companies digitally.
  • To manage the office in a digital way.
  • To reduce manpower needed to manage the office. It helps to save your cost, time and provide efficiency in work.
  • To get project progress condition any time.
  • To calculate project progress reports in an easy way.
  • To systematically manage office documents like incoming and outgoing letters.
  • A single platform to address all the digital requirements of project.
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